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Friday, January 27, 2012

We've done all we can

“We’ve done all we can. We’ll let the medicine and God do the rest. Why don’t we catch our breaths now?” said Marta.
“I could use a breather.” John followed Marta to a cool spot in the shade of her hut. Business as usual, he thought as he watched a couple dig up sweet potatoes. “Steve is probably wondering what the blur was going through the middle of Tiom.” John laughed reflectively.
“Waiting for you was painful,” said Marta.
“I haven’t stopped rushing until just now. I radioed for the medicine, and Steve had it waiting. He handed it through my window right there on the runway. Next thing I knew I was flying back,” said John.
“I think my heart has stopped pounding. You may just be a hero. Who knows what would have happened had you not been here.”
“I’m sure everything would have been fine.” John looked at her approvingly.
“Don’t sell yourself short. I’m glad you were here. I think you were right the first time,” said Marta.
“When?” asked John.
“When you came today. I think you were right about people happy to see you,” said Marta.
Her piercing eyes studied John’s, leaving him uneasy. He tried to hold her gaze, but shifted out of nervousness. Did she just look at me differently?
“If he survives the night, he should make it,” said Marta.
They talked until late in the afternoon, sharing stories of their beginnings, and similarities living in jungle climates. Marta laughed a lot, John noticed. Their conversation flowed easily, having much to say. Reluctantly John looked at his watch, then to the lengthening shadows of the Moake mountains.
“I’ve got to go. Do you want to check on your patient in case he needs anything?” John asked.
“I don’t think there is anything else he needs,” Marta shrugged.
“Rachel put in extra anti-venom, just in case you can’t find yours. Anything else you might need?”
“Maybe a new battery for my radio,” said Marta.

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