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Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Did You Find Marta?

Once again, Rachel, you’ve outdone yourself,” John said a week later.
“It was a delicious dinner, sweetheart. My compliments,” Steve said.
“Thanks guys, does that mean you’ll clean up?” Rachel asked.
“After a dinner like that, you can have anything you want.” Steve winked.
“I just wish I had more time to cook like this. The airstrip keeps me busy,” said Rachel.
“I would rather hear your lovely voice over the radio. It is much more welcoming than Jason’s,” Steve said.
“Thanks for the vote of confidence and the understanding. I like helping out there and with anything you fly boys might need. But, John, you might want to knock off the wisecracks about Jason, especially since he and Sandy are going to be here any minute,” Rachel warned.
John took the warning well. He felt Rachel and Steve could ask him anything and he would do it. With their growing friendship, he felt comfortable in their home, and he didn’t want to offend. He looked around the old building the Millicans called home. Rachel had decorated very attentively. The cinder block house matched his dorm room as simple wood and wicker design. Wonderful crafts and stencils adorned the walls. Bible verses and country scenes were embroidered in cross stitch and mounted in picture frames, while photos from home occupied other spaces.
John had been touched beyond words when Steve presented him with a nice cross stitch of a plane flying through clouds and the caption “...they shall mount up with wings as eagles. Isaiah 40:31.” Rachel had made it for two reasons. The first, upon John rescuing her man and himself when the plane went down, and the second when he was assigned to his route.
“So, are you telling me that your culinary experience was better tonight, than it was... say... the other day in Marta’s village?” Rachel asked.
“Oh, I see how you are,” John glanced playfully from the corner of his eyes. “Steve must’ve had a good laugh telling the story so you both could gang up on me. But that’s all right, see if I tell you anything again,” John said, punching his cowering buddy in the arm.
“Did you or did you not enjoy the eye of newt or boiled goat’s bladder?” Rachel teased.
“Well, it wasn’t that bad, honey,” Steve interjected. “Just a few bugs and spiders is all I heard.”
“You two are way off base; it was just a few harmless grubs.” John could hardly get the word grubs out.
“How did you find Marta?” Rachel asked.
“Did you have to ask that?” Steve interrupted.
“Tell us. You’re amongst friends. I mean, an enchanting woman living amongst primitive people, good looking, independent, and single. Probably not a bad gamble to bet you may have been the teeniest bit impressed.”
“Yes, you can say that,” John admitted.
“Oh, we’re just teasing you. Marta is a great friend of ours. In fact, she is as much a part of our family as we consider you to be. She is a very intriguing person” Rachel said.
“If it’s all the same, I don’t want to talk about it. A relationship I mean,” said John.
“Yeah, right,” Steve replied. He and Rachel could tell by John’s reaction to the mere mention of Marta’s name that there was some unspoken chemistry at work.

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