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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Got My Very Own Plane

     Having his own plane and route for six months now, John was confident he knew every mile and every person along the way. He knew the wants and needs of the missionaries he supported and did his best to satisfy them. He flew some of the fortunate citizens of each village, but mostly ended up flying small livestock for barter. Usually the villagers paid him with food gifts, souvenirs, but more often than not, smiles. He reflected on the myriad compliments as he walked to the hangar where his beautiful plane was almost completely reassembled.
     “Good afternoon, John, what brings you by?” Pete Brown asked as he wiped the grease from his stained hands. He had spent most of the morning giving John’s plane its required service.
     “How are you? You’ve been working pretty hard since we towed the plane in last evening,” said John.
     “Don’t be fooled. I’ve been working hard, and playing. You know the old saying?”
     “We all need to make sure we get our share of fun around here,” John said.
     “Actually, I let the engine cool down overnight so I could get right on it this morning.
I’m about to wrap it up. Wanna help?”
     “You do pretty quick work.” John said admiringly. “I thought the engine would still be torn down, parts everywhere. But I see you almost have it all put back together.”
     “This is one of my favorites. Yep, this is my baby and I try to keep her up. She’s been good to you, hasn’t she?” Pete asked, searching for a compliment.
     “I can’t complain.” John noted how the mechanic would claim the plane as his own, but he remembered the sense of pride he felt while a helicopter mechanic before becoming an Army aviator. “She climbs flawlessly and takes max power without a sputter. All pilots should be so lucky.”
     “Thanks, that means a lot.”

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