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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Make the Right Decisions

     “I guess by the looks on your faces you realize the weather forecast for today.” Jason broke the somber silence. The clouds were low, and light fog whisped on the mountains around the Beliem River like cobwebs.
     “Those of you flying the southern routes – Doug, Bryan, Steve, and John – consider staying home with your families. This is a good time to take the day off and catch up on whatever paperwork you might have,” Jason said as he traced a pointer along the wall map. “The rest of you have somewhat clear flying ahead but be prepared for the worst if the weather changes.”
    “Jason,” Steve said. “I think today would be great for getting John used to flying under conditions he will most likely face. He seems to grasp the fundamentals of flight related to the mountainous areas and is impressive flying under simulated fog conditions.”
     “I understand, but what are you suggesting? Not flying would actually be the proper realistic response to the weather condition,” said Jason.

     “No sir, just fly a little north of here and come south a little to see how he handles the light fog,” Steve explained. “I can point out terrain features to help him make the right decisions.”

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