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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Enter the bad guys


     High in the mist-filled mountain tops two figures danced excitedly around their chubby friend. Another tall and lanky character observed it from under the wide brim of his bush hat. He allowed himself a rare smile. The boys have earned some excitement.
     “Bart found the ore. Finally, he did something besides trying to kill us with his food,” Charles said excitedly, much to Bart’s dismay.
     “My food gave you the strength to carry on. Didn’t it, Angus?” Bart said, looking hopefully to the boss.
     “Kissing up to him won’t get you much,” said Roger. “But finding this gold will.” He grabbed the short and stout Bart in a headlock and rubbed his dirty hair heartily, excited that the months of mining had finally been rewarded.
     Bart smiled in his goofy manner, enjoying the much needed praise.
     Roger and Charles let out a roar of pleasure as they tossed the baseball-sized rock back and forth.
     “Knock it off for a minute,” said Angus. The quiet droning of an engine alerted him. He squinted solemnly into the first bright sunlight in weeks. “It’s that pilot. I hope his presence doesn’t interfere with our resupply efforts.”

      Down in the valley, sun-drenched Tarampura was beautiful. Greens and reds radiated from the jungle, proud that the rain had pulled away its obscuring veil. The villagers cleaned their areas diligently. Mud was caked on everything; the Dani were busy with clean up.
     As Steve’s plane came into sight, they smiled, and then went back to their tasks. A plane landing was an all-too-familiar scene these days. Many still greeted it and some of those who did got a ride.
     Marta noticed the stranger flying the plane and realized it must be John. She watched him step out of the plane. He was quite handsome in khaki pants and dark blue pull-over shirt. He carried himself well and had a determined look. This man could easily be stereotyped behind the yoke of an airplane.
     Numah caught up with her, followed by Tucker. “He a pretty man,” Numah whispered.
     Marta blushed slightly. “Oh, I hadn’t even noticed.”

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