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Monday, December 12, 2011

But at what Cost?

“Here comes Tucker,” Marta greeted.
“What happens, Mrs. Springer and Mr. Braddham?” Tucker said, strutting in his usual happy way. He was the type who liked to learn.
"‘What’s happening,’ Tucker,” she corrected.
“Yes, what is happening?” he said, smiling broadly.
“Do me a favor and call me John, okay?”
“Okeedokee, John. Do you take me flying?”
“Someday I will, when I have the plane?” John said.
“When is someday? I hear about it always?” Tucker asked.
“Someday is very soon. In fact, the first time that I fly here to visit, I will take you for a ride. How does that sound?” John asked.
“It sounds like bzzzzzzzz!” Tucker replied with his arms stretched like wings as he ran around imitating an airplane.
“I think my question was lost on him.”
“He is my best English student. Still, I can’t help feeling guilty,” Marta said.
“Guilty? I think you’re doing an excellent job with him – in fact, with everyone. This village loves you,” John replied.
“They have more or less adopted me, but maybe to their detriment. Tucker’s father is dead, and his mother is dying of leprosy. She has been for years, and she doesn’t have much longer. He has accepted me as a guardian, but I have to face the fact that I will leave here, and what about him?”
“I am sure he will be taken care of,” said John
“But it goes beyond me leaving him. I have ‘Americanized’ him. He is no longer just another simple Dani, living a simple life. You see how he dresses. He almost always speaks English and he has accepted living my way of life. Actually, by just living here, I have altered everyone’s outlook. Even those villagers who refuse Christian teachings are indirectly affected by the lives of those who haven’t. Their culture has irreversibly been altered, and possibly lost,” Marta replied.
“It can’t be that bad. People still are carrying on traditions and customs,” John said.
“A foreigner is learning their language, and now beginning to translate Bible verses. There is an airstrip in the middle of an almost prehistoric culture. They are using stone axes, and until two years ago, had never seen an airplane. They rely on modern means of transportation to conduct business. How can they ever return to their way of life? What will Tucker do when I leave?”
“I don’t know. But when you and Raymond decided to come, you did so because God put it on your hearts. Do you think he is going to let this be destructive?” John said.
“Let’s just say I never thought of the consequences. But you are right. God did put me here and great things are happening because of Him. I didn’t mean to make you think otherwise. I worry about these things, you know? It weighs heavily on me.”

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