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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Primal Screams

Marta felt sick to her stomach as she tried to put on a brave face for Digul. She was as white as a sheet and didn’t feel very effective in comforting her little friend. She looked down and choked as she saw his sad eyes plead with her for an end to the torture.
“Marta, we’re not finished yet. Are you going to be all right?” Reese asked.
“I don’t know... when are we going to be done?’ asked Marta.
“Soon, but I still need you to hold the boy. We still have to set the leg. The sooner we get started, the sooner he can be out of his misery,” informed Reese.
Marta sighed heavily.
“It’s okay, Marta. Believe me, he will survive this, and I seriously doubt if the pain will ever be a factor in his life. Thousands of people have been through this.”
“You’d better be right,” Marta snipped. “At least the anesthetic should help.”
With one hand below Digul’s knee, and the other below the break, he suddenly pulled straight out with a twisting motion, held it, and released.
The bright lights danced in front of Digul’s eyes as the pain resounded from his shin bone and up his leg before racing the length his spine and slamming into his brain. He let out a slow long moan increasing in tempo and volume until it produced a primal scream.

Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP is an author of non-fiction books, novels and periodicals.

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