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Monday, September 5, 2011

5 Steps to Creating a Great Book Trailer

How to create a book trailer video

I’ve seen some great video ideas and am recently joining the many who post videos about their books or companies. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the fun and adventurous videos I’ve created that feature an idea and not books. These videos include Zombie vs. Ranger and How Not to Get a consulting Job. These videos are meant to be fun and entertaining and don’t even mention my products until the end.
However, I still can’t discount the effectiveness of a good old fashioned (well recent fashion anyway) video featuring a specific product or book. Great graphics and the right type of music can combine to create a compelling reason for a viewer to take action. This action could include buying a product, visiting a website or signing up for a newsletter.
Whatever call to action you want from your video, make sure to make the video worthy of watching. Here are five great tips for making a video trailer:
1. Invest in video software. There is great software that turns your pictures and videos into well organized, packaged and presented products. They also offer free versions. However, I recommend investing some money on the entire package. You can get a good one for under $60. The free versions only allow a minute of video, hardly enough time to get the job done.
A good video package will allow you to perform graphic tricks like zooming, create text right in the video, highlight important parts, add soundtrack or voice over and package the video for presentation in many formats. It’s all simple to do without having to invest in training. You can learn it as you go.
2. Download great pictures for your video. A video doesn’t always mean you will have motion. Sometimes it’s composed of a collage of images. I recommend creating an account with and buying high definition photos. You can search images and videos by subject and category. Find the ones you like and pay from $2 to download them.
3. Create a account. You will need a platform to host your videos. Once you create a video, upload it to . From there, you can share it with the world. Make sure you create relevant keywords for search engines to find. Here’s a bonus. Consider using an account not only for pay carts, but to insert videos into your websites and social networks. If you have an account, you can “brand” your video and embed it into your websites by copying the code from and pasting into your blogs, websites and Facebook pages.  
4.  Post your videos on Facebook, blogger and website pages. This is a great way to make your videos known to people who would not otherwise know about it. Don’t wait for folks to use keywords to stumble across your video. That could take decades. Instead, take matters into your own hands and upload the videos to your sites.
5. Share your video with the world. Post to your wall and share on Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Google pages, Blogs and everywhere you have contacts and friends. If you are luck and depending on the effectiveness of your network, they will share as well.
Videos are a great way to showcase your work. They can be created in an hour or two and can feature your product in many different venues.

Take a look at these two blog posts for an example of videos you can shoot. if you scroll down, you will see a video called, Don't Be This Consultant. I filmed it to publicize Get Rich in a Niche.

The next video is called Zombie vs Ranger. I put this video together to sell the Ranger Handbook. I filmed both videos myself using my Droid II Verizon Motorola phone.

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