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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Missionaries count on your promises

When you make a commitment to support your local church, charity or mission, the benefactors are hopeful and expectant. Nothing is more counted on than the proclaimed financial and personal support. It takes teamwork to meet goals, just one member not doing what is hoped for can lead to an empty feeling of a failed mission.

Proverbs tells us that delayed hope causes a heart to be sick, but fulfilled desire is the tree of life.

What would happen if a loved one asked us to meet them for a picnic. "Go to the pavillion and I'll meet you there in an hour. I'll bring the food, bring some drinks."
You show up and wait for hours only to be stood up. It's an empty feeling.

That same feeling comes about when bills can't be paid by churches, volunteers don't show as expected for charity events and resources aren't provided to our missionaires. These expectations might be budgeted based on promises or pledges. When time comes to donate or serve, the pledger doesn't come through.

Consider what you pledge carefully and prayerfully. If you 've made a promised to pray, witness, love or serve do it immediately. If not, you risk delaying hope. People count on you to do well.

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